SAGE International Australia (SIA) is an independent, not-for-profit think tank dedicated to deepening the understanding of global strategic and political issues.

SAGE International Australia aims to advance knowledge on international security trends and conflict resolution by providing high quality research, analysis and policy debate and advice. SIA aims to deepen conversation with government, academia, civil society and the media on key political and security issues that contributes to local, national and global stability, peace and prosperity.

SAGE International Australia: Resolute in Word and Deed


SAGE International Australia’s (SIA’s) areas of operation include the complex Horn of Africa, the Arabian Gulf regions and the international maritime domain.

SIA recognises that in the ‘real world’ political and cultural relationships need to be based on trust to mitigate against all types of risk.

SIA understands that ‘risk’, as it is generally understood, refers to financial/economic risk. We on the other hand know, that it is the political and the cultural environment that dictates business agendas.

SIA can provide inter-cultural liaison, comprehensive country reports, geopolitical analysis, education and training workshops on a wide range of defence and security topics & high-level conferences.

SIA invites you to consider where it can assist to maximise your business potential in an increasingly politically and culturally diverse and dynamic world.


“If it is not right do not do it;

if it is not true do not say it”

– Marcus Aurelius –