Management Board

Management Board

Dr. John Bruni

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of SAGE International, Host STRATEGIKON podcast

Dr. John Bruni, author of ‘On Weapons Decisions’, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SAGE International, a South Australian based online think tank and consultancy operating out of Adelaide since 2008.

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Brett Buckley, MBA, CPM, FAMI

SAGE Business Development Advisor

Brett Buckley is and has a long established and enviable record of success in leading and managing organisations within the sectors of large private organisations, publicly listed organisations and local government.

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Advisory Board

Commodore Pat Tyrrell OBE RN (Retd)

Chair of the SAGE Advisory Board, SAGE Senior Non Resident Fellow Global & Maritime Security

CDRE Tyrrell served in the Royal Navy for 26 years and saw service in submarines as a Watch Leader and Intelligence Co-ordinator, both with the RN and RAN before moving to an analytical appointment in the DIS (UK Defence Intelligence Staff).

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Professor Emeritus Purnendra Jain

SAGE Head of Research & Academic Development, Member of the SAGE Advisory Board

Purnendra Jain is Emeritus Professor at the Department of Asian Studies at the University of Adelaide.

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Dr. Imad K. Harb

SAGE Senior Non Resident Fellow Greater Middle East, Member of the SAGE Advisory Board

Dr. Harb is a political and strategic analyst specializing in Levantine, Arabian Peninsula, and Egyptian affairs, and in Arab-American relations.

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Dr. Jonathan Z. Ludwig

SAGE Senior Non Resident Fellow Russia-Central Asia-US, Member of the SAGE Advisory Board

Dr. Ludwig is Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian at Oklahoma State University.

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David J. Olney

SAGE Senior Analyst International Security, Co-Host of STRATEGIKON podcast

David Olney has lectured at The University of Adelaide since 2002 at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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Associate Professor Azhar Iqbal

SAGE Head of Game-theoretical and Mathematical Modelling (Non Resident)

Azhar is Associate Professor of Mathematical modelling, game theory, geometric algebra, and theoretical physics for the University of Bahrain

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Dr. Huda al-Nuaimy

SAGE Senior Non Resident Fellow Iraq, Member of the SIA Advisory Board

Dr. Huda al-Nuaimy is Director of the Al-Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies in Amman, Jordan.

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Peter Warren

SAGE Senior Associate (Non Resident)

Peter Warren is Editor of Future Intelligence and Chair of the Cyber Security Research Institute.

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Tim Whiffen

SAGE Associate & Producer STRATEGIKON podcast

Tim is producer of the SAGE International podcast STRATEGIKON. Tim works for the Auscast Network, Australia's coolest podcast network.

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Ms. Shahrezad Ghayrat

SAGE Associate (Non Resident)

Shahrezad is a Radio Production Coordinator at Radio Free Asia based in Washington DC.

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