Sectarian Wars: The Case of Ethiopia

News of the latest ‘Islamic State’ (IS) execution of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya should be something to be worried about. For a long time, Ethiopia, America’s lynchpin in the …read more

Lebanon and the Brink of Disaster

The arrival of terrorists of all stripes on Lebanon’s eastern border at the beginning of August has spelled assured calamity for the fragile, multi-sectarian nation. Initially, the assault was thought …read more

Japan’s post Fukushima diplomacy

Over the years Japan has been an active player, and in some areas, a leader in global environmental and climate change policy, particularly through international organizations. Japan’s post Fukushima diplomacy

Climate Change Fact Sheet

1. The Earth is a dynamic geological entity driven by both internal processes and extraterrestrial processes – primarily the Sun – and through occasional collisions with space debris such as …read more