Personal Observations

Luther, Europe and the First Hard Brexit

Republished piece by Prof. Dr. Julian Lindley-French from his Blog Blast Series “If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write”. Martin Luther   Alphen, Netherlands. …read more

Wanted: a New Ideology

David Olney is an Associate of SIA and is Resident Philosopher and Co-host on SIA’s podcast – STRATEGIKON At present, it is very difficult to avoid examples and discussion of …read more

SIA Blog (7 February)

Trans-Pacific Disruption Since the signing of the 1951 ANZUS Treaty, Australia’s relationship with the United States has been exceptionally close. So close in fact that some critics of this relationship, …read more

Immigration, National Security, and the Rule of Law

  By Dr. Jonathan Z. Ludwig, Visiting Assistant Professor of Russian, Oklahoma State University & Member, Advisory Board, SAGE International Australia   The Anglosphere has always held two advantages over …read more

SIA Blog (11 January)

Greed and the Clandestine War on the People Recently a number of disturbing reports on the health of the global commons have come to the fore. From ice sheets melting …read more

SIA Blog (19 December)

Attack on ‘Olympus’: Do the Russian hacks during the 2016 US Presidential campaign constitute an attack on the United States? Things are getting rather tense in the US, where outgoing US …read more