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Of Barbs, Hubs & Spokes: The North Korea Security Dilemma (STRATEGIKON Ep 45)

John & David are joined by Prof. Purnendra Jain, internationally renowned Japan scholar & Northeast Asian security expert from the University of Adelaide, Dept. of Asian Studies

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ONE THOUGHT ON "Of Barbs, Hubs & Spokes: The North Korea Security Dilemma (STRATEGIKON Ep 45)"

  1. BMorreale on May 13, 2018 at 2:14 pm said:

    Thanks SIA and Purnendra for discussing the broad reaching implications in the Asian region at the brink of new North Korean threats and opportunities! Very interesting commentary on the role of US and Australian allies in the East Asian region. Insightful insight on the US’s hub and spoke model and the unique role that AUS plays are important to ponder at this critical juncture. AUS’s (limited) role in mediating the challenges between natural allies Japan and South Korea hints at the chance for greater future involvement with strategic allies in the region. The nuanced perspective on Japanese and DPRK current and historical tensions are valuable in understanding the complications on the Korean peninsula. With the US-DPRK summit just a few weeks away, this is an essential background on what can be expected in a time of regional flux and uncertainty. The thoughtful analysis of increasing strategic planning among US allies provides hope for nuanced leadership in the Indo-Pacific.

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