Dominating the headlines this week was the stability of the Abbott government. After weeks of speculation as to whether or not Prime Minister Abbott would remain in his position or be replaced by the ‘silent candidate’ Malcolm Turnbull, rumours of Abbott’s demise have been put to rest for now. But will a bounce in the polls be enough to save the Liberal leader? Or is this a short respite before the knives come out again? And if the Abbott prime ministership ends, what will this mean for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten?
Also dominating the headlines this week is the aftermath of the assassination of Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov. Nemtsov was gunned down after having dined with his girlfriend of 3 years, Anna Durytska. Durytska recently fled Russia to be with her family in Kiev. So, who would have the motivation to order such a high profile hit during such a sensitive time in Russian affairs? President Putin certainly has a fair share of domestic and international enemies.

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