Russia. Syria. War.

For Russia, hybrid warfare does not derive from the ability of Russia to fight well using a variety of tools with dexterity and flexibility; rather it stems from the lack …read more

The Asymmetry of Modern War

Not even the latest I.S.-inspired terrorist attack in Paris has managed to forge unity of purpose within the EU and its allies – stage-managed photo-ops at international economic summits notwithstanding. …read more

IS: Europe Needs a New Social Contract

“France is at war. But we are not engaged in a war of civilisations, because these assassins do not represent any”. President François Hollande Brussels, Belgium. 20 November. One purpose …read more

So what to do with the Islamic State?

The ‘Islamic State’, also known as ISIL, ISIS, Daesh, and the ‘death cult’ (in Australian political parlance), is a difficult group to pin a single, commonly defined name to. This …read more

A Short History of European Mass Migrations

Dear SAGE International Reader, We are proud to announce that we have secured the right to republish some blogs from internationally recognised strategic analyst, advisor and author Prof. Dr. Julian …read more