Erdogan’s Way

News from Turkey indicates that the Turkish people’s experiment with ‘soft political Islam’ as represented by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP), is becoming an unmitigated …read more

North Korea: Keep Watch and Carry On

North Korea’s current bellicosity should be no cause for alarm.  Everything that we’ve seen and heard from Pyongyang has been carefully calibrated to have a rhetorical impact.  The country is …read more

Security and the Cyber-Realm

The recent cyber-attack on the New York Times has again raised the question of what to do about the destabilizing capability of cyber-warfare – a capability to conduct raids, attacks …read more

Australia goes to the polls…

Prime Minister Gillard’s decision to conduct an eight months long federal election campaign is either a bold move by an arch-strategist, or a sign of desperation. The problem with extremely …read more

Gamesmanship in Syria

With the USS Eisenhower moving closer to the Syrian coast, the whiff of an international military intervention in the Syrian civil war seems a possibility, though still a distant one. …read more

Canberra, we have a problem…

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is currently participating in some 13 military missions around the world and has conducted four major military exercises in 2012 alone. It can be said …read more

Afghanistan: the Green-on-Blue War

The increasing spate of so-called green (Afghan government forces) on blue (foreign ISAF forces) violence in Afghanistan is something that speaks to the futility of maintaining an indefinite Western military …read more

Damascus: that awful, sinking feeling…

The Alawites, Syria’s ruling minority, have arguably the most to loose should the international community continue to fully back the largely Sunni Syrian anti-Assad opposition. Indeed Bashar’s father, Hafez Al-Assad …read more

Red Dragon Rising…Again

Things must be getting bad in Australian foreign policy circles when the perennial bug-bear, Australia’s relations with China, gets yet another run in what appears a never-ending public debate. A …read more