It’s time to think strategically about countering Chinese advances in Latin America

Originally published in by R. Evan Ellis, 2 February, 2018, Republished by SAGE International Australia with the kind permission of R. Evan Ellis, 8 February, 2018   In a …read more

India-US Bonhomie: Time for a Reality Check

By Mathew Maavak, Doctoral Candidate in risk foresight at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) The ongoing India-US rapprochement has been couched in terms of a pact between the “two largest democracies …read more

Upon Reflection (8 May-12 May)

Time to consider weekly global headlines in an ever-changing world Selected News Headlines for the Working Week 8 May-12 May 2017 Does Emmanuel Macron’s win signal the end of populism …read more