Dr. John Bruni

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of SAGE International, Host STRATEGIKON podcast

John Bruni is Founder and CEO of SAGE International, Adelaide, South Australia and Host of the STRATEGIKON podcast, (the podcast of SAGE).

Dr. Bruni is an analyst for Jane’s Intelligence Review. His experiences include pioneering work on asymmetric warfare in both Australia and the UAE (2003-04) and developing and delivering the UAE’s first workshop on Interagency Cooperation (2005). In 2004 he collaborated with Prof. Purnendra Jain, (2004) on the early conceptualisation of a trilateral strategic dialogue between Australia, Japan and the United States. In 2005, John was columnist for Adelaide’s Sunday Mail and Hosted Back Story, a current affairs show on Radio Adelaide. In 2006 he was Foreign Policy and Attorney General’s Advisor, for former Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja, Australian Democrats, before working for Emirati think tank, the ECSSR (2006-08). Upon his return from the Emirates, John founded SAGE in Adelaide in late 2008, working for a number of private companies as Defence Consultant. He led SIA’s involvement, as one of the principal partners in the 2015 Submarine Summit (Adelaide) prior to the announcement of the Submarine Competitive Evaluation Process. In 2018, John led an SIA effort to deliver an Advanced Workshop to the Royal Navy held in Portsmouth, UK. In 2019, John led the SIA team to win a Grant from the Strategic Policy Group, Australian Department of Defence on examining the power dynamics of the Indo-Pacific. From 1990-2020, John was involved with the Royal United Services Institute of Australia, serving in various capacities, including Director of the National Board. In 2020, Dr. Bruni became a Non-Resident Fellow of Emirati think tank, Trends Research & Advisory (TRA).