Ms. Shahrezad Ghayrat

SAGE Associate (Non Resident)

Shahrezad Ghayrat is a Radio Production Coordinator at Radio Free Asia based in Washington DC. Ms. Ghayrat is originally from East Turkistan, a.k.a Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. After migrating to Australia in 2011, she studied at Flinders University South Australia and graduated with double degrees in Bachelors of International Studies and Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management. During her role as SAGE International Intern, Ms. Ghayrat published articles on the SAGE International website which were republished through then partner organisation the Swiss Center for Security Studies (CSS) website, associated with the ETH Zurich.  Ms. Ghayrat’s dynamic background and passion for politics have led her to work in Munich, Germany for World Uyghur Congress as a project assistant who spoke at United Nations and European Parliament for the Uyghur people. She also gained a great opportunity to partake short internship at the European Parliament.