Following Disruptive Technologies – Northern Coasts

“Three Points on the Devil’s Triangle: The Arctic, Baltic and Nordic Littorals”

This is the title of SAGE International Australia’s (SIA’s) second Maritime Advanced Workshop to be held under the MAST banner. Our thanks to Warren Edge, CEO of Maritime/Air Systems Technologies (MAST), the MAST team, as well as to the Royal Danish Navy and the Danish Government for their support.

This immersive workshop, to be held over two days (Sept. 2-3) at Christensborg Palace (the Danish Parliament) will look at how the evolution of disruptive maritime technology and asymmetric countermeasures may affect three separate but interlinked regions – the Arctic, Baltic and the Nordic theatres – where ‘an effect’ on one can have unforeseen spill-over effects on the others.

For more information on this Advanced Workshop, chaired by SAGE International Australia’s Dr. John Bruni & CDRE Patrick J. Tyrrell OBE RN (Ret’d), please follow the link provided:

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