SAGE UKAJ Trilateral Concept Hits Defence Connect

Today, SAGE International’s UKAJ strategic framework made it onto the pages of Defence Connect!

To read click HERE

On behalf of the SAGE UKAJ team, Bruni, Jain, Tyrrell, Olney and Chelton, our thanks to the team at Defence Connect for publishing what we at SAGE believe is a novel concept toward improving the collective national securities of  the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan. Three maritime states well suited for this sort of co-operation.

Dr. John Bruni CEO
SAGE International

ONE THOUGHT ON "SAGE UKAJ Trilateral Concept Hits Defence Connect"

  1. Rishi Athreya on June 16, 2021 at 8:25 pm said:

    Australia and Japan are part of the Northern Quad. Australia is also part of the Southern Quad. India is part of the Northern Quad. There are suggestions for cooperation of the UK with both Quads for form a Pacific Group of Seven (P7).

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